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DMBoK Figure 3 Strategic Alignment Model

The Strategic Alignment Model (SAM) abstracts the fundamental drivers for any approach to #datamanagement. At its center is the relationship between data and information. Information is most often associated with #businessstrategy and the operational use of data. Data is associated with information technology and processes which support physical management of systems that make data accessible for use. Surrounding this concept are the four fundamental domains of strategic choice: business strategy, information technology strategy, organizational infrastructure and processes, and information technology infrastructure and processes.

The fully articulated SAM is more complex than is illustrated. Each of the corner hexagons has its own underlying dimensions. For example, within Business and IT strategy, there is a need to account for scope, competencies and governance. Operations must account for infrastructure, processes and skills. The relationship between the pieces help an organization understand both the strategic fit of the different components and functional integration of the pieces. Even the high-level depiction of the model is useful in understanding the organizational factors that influence decisions and data and data management.

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