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SQL Saturday 2022 Denver #1034 Recap

Thank you to the Denver SQL Users Group for bringing back in person SQL Saturdays to Denver. The event was well organized with many vendors and the industry's top speakers. SQL Saturdays have many presentations that are also delivered at PASS Summit annually each year, yet SQL Saturday is free and PASS Summit has a conference fee. So in many ways, SQL Saturday is a FREE mini PASS Summit! Visit the conference HERE.

Glenn Berry presented on How to Survive a SQL Server Health Check. Glenn's recommendations were easy to understand and implement for the most senior DBA and a seasoned developer like myself. Visit Glenn's website for sample scripts you can run to get started on your very own SQL Server Health Check HERE.

Steve Jones presented Adopting a DevOps Process for your Database. Steve promotes continuous delivery and treating database code like application code. Transforming your team's process can take up to 12 - 18 months and teams will learn over time to do more of what works. Visit the Voice of the DBA website for more information HERE.

Bridgeworks Consulting Group presented on the Modern Data Platform. They shared their Rules of the Road to the MDP and their strategic plan to transform organizations. Visit BCG online HERE.

Breanna Hansen presented Parse Trees, Memos, Transformation Rules and Other Hidden Objects in SQL Server. She shared how the SQL Server Optimizer has a logical processing order as opposed to our physical code programming. Check out her presentation and scripts HERE.

Steve Wake presented Power BI Premium: Is it for your company (and Worth it)? Steve clarified the differences between Power BI Pro and Premium, as well as costs and benefits. Many organizations can still get started with Power BI for free, with Desktop, Mobile, Service and Gateway applications available. Follow Steve on twitter for up to date Power BI updates HERE.

Don't miss out on next year's FREE SQL Saturday Denver or Colorado Springs. And follow me on Linked In HERE to stay up to date on those events!

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