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The Importance of Process

Whether I am developing a data solution for an IT client or driving a dump truck for my construction company, the importance of process cannot be overlooked in any industry. While the consequences may have quite differing magnitudes, mistakes cost money and following process improves efficiency, ultimately resulting in cost savings for not only you, but likely others.

As I drove a dump truck for hours last week, after learning the process of functional operation, I reflected on how similar this was to successful IT processes. How following the truck’s functional process to the letter allowed me to deliver more loads per hour, and larger loads per haul – identical to high performing ELT processes providing more data refreshes per hour, and higher quantities of data per refresh. Missing a step in the truck’s operation (there was a series of steps to memorize in an order and repeat, and some steps had multiple touch points within the same step) caused a hiccup in the process and certainly a delay, in either loading or unloading. Not releasing the tailgate at the right time, wouldn’t empty the load completely as the box raised (possibly leaving product on the road off site when driving between quarry and job site or leaving product in the box so my next load wasn’t as much product), or forgetting to lock the tailgate slowed loading at the quarry as product fell out the back of the box onto the ground.

This then negatively impacts the quarry loader’s process as he has to clean up spilled product. Then he is delayed from getting to loading the next hauler already waiting in line. A simple error in following process not only impacted me, but 2 others! Dependencies are impacted when process isn’t followed, and I not only cost myself money, but potentially the dependencies to my process. The most efficient data solutions not only follow best practices and standards, they take into account their dependencies and minimize, if not mostly eliminate, impact. Following process keeps those upstream and downstream happy and on track, reducing headaches and time and money on support.

So the next time you question the value of following process, think again. It’s not just about you and your process, but those waiting on you before and after your process. While you may not take out an entire neighborhood’s power grid because you forgot to look for power lines before raising the dump truck box (this DID NOT happen to me), the importance of process cannot be overlooked for any project in any industry. #processimportance #processoptimization

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