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How do our clients define success?  Faster data response times, intelligible business intelligence, doing it right the first time, collaborative partnerships, meeting goals & deadlines, improving insight, process, documentation, structure & support, reducing maintenance & resources, & saving time & money.

CHALLENGE: IT Department struggled to produce a high volume of timely & accurate periodic & on demand financial reports.

  • Evaluated situation, proposed, developed & implemented comprehensive report tracking database.

  • Proposed & implemented multi-level QA process, including data review & correction before report creation to proactively reduce errors & production time.

  • Evaluated, proposed, designed & implemented BO XI R2 Enterprise with Crystal Reports & SQL data warehouse solution.

  • Consolidated, redeveloped & automated 500 reports from proprietary system.  Released reports through Infoview web portal & trained internal & external clients to self-report.

SUCCESS: Within months, the IT Department progressed from a manual 3 person, 3 – 4 week per month to an automated 2 person 5 – 10 day reporting unit.  Periodic & on demand reports were delivered timely & accurately, resulting in increased client satisfaction & internal company data sharing.

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CHALLENGE: Canadian child companies to sunset Explorer (project management & construction accounting) software and convert to JDE data management & SSRS BI delivery.

  • Data modeled/mapped new JDE data & programmed ETL to ERDW.

  • Redeveloped 18 report suite into 10 shared SQL stored procedures & SSRS financial reports.

  • Championed consistent data rules across tax & non-tax reports.

  • Designed & configured exception report to identify data rule violations for business correction.

  • Trained 10 Business Analysts & 2 Developers in 4 years to maintain & develop data rules.

SUCCESS: Provided child companies a report suite with expected cross reference capability, enabling client self service in correcting perceived report issues & reducing IT maintenance/support.

CHALLENGE: IT department had an unsupported Business Objects XIR2 deployment.  Business use was high, & the company was migrating to a new data service provider.  New data service provider was expected to provide 10x more data & old provider’s existing data warehouse & BI structure was not working &/or useful to the business.

  • Completed migration from Business Objects 5.x to XIR2.  Completed all XIR2 service pack upgrades & maintenance to stabilize existing deployment.

  • Evaluated BI platform & made recommendations to maximize processing power (OS & memory upgrades, infrastructure usage, etc.).

  • Worked with business users to gather data/reporting requirements, designed new data warehouse model/mapping & implemented the business dimensional model for maximum BI performance.

  • Provided BO application & data warehouse usage support to 150 users.

SUCCESS: The new data warehouse was designed with BI in mind.  Users are able to access data in the BI tool, & from other querying tools, more efficiently and effectively.  Results return sooner, data is more valuable, performance is greatly improved & usage has greatly increased.  Company now has a scalable business dimensional model to organize data & grow with the business needs.

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CHALLENGE: Construction parent company CEO developed BI Dashboard in Excel from manual data entry & various JDE exports into Excel for complex Lookup process.  Admin took a week to compile/complete report.

  • Required manual data entries sourced into JDE system.

  • Developed 6 SQL stored procedures to populate 25 SSRS dashboard widgets.

  • Developed 10 additional detailed SSRS financial reports to support consolidated widget presentations.

  • Developed 25 widget 2 page SSRS dashboard down to the pixel.

  • Trained 8 Business Analysts & 3 Developers in 5 years to support dashboard.

SUCCESS: Child companies were able to easily adopt quarterly usage, with monthly monitoring & up to entire year reporting.  Detailed reports provided data insights to manage BI for widget data correction &  consolidation.  Complete dashboard returned in under 5 minutes.

CHALLENGE: Administration department gathered metrics regarding client plan setups on paper worksheets.  Due to the high volume of audits (up to approx. 1000 per month), reporting from this paper process was nearly impossible.

  • Designed, developed, implemented & supported SQL database & stored procedures to store the plan audit information detail & intranet ASP web site using the stored procedures to write data to/extract data from the SQL database.

  • Developed an interim reporting process in MS Access.  Then designed, developed, & implemented Crystal Reports to provide weekly, monthly & on-demand reporting the users can run.

SUCCESS: The once cumbersome & manual data gathering/reporting process is now a very high tech application & reporting process.  Data that was once thought to be unobtainable is readily available.  The data is used by senior management to foresee & resolve customer service issues & determine quarterly bonuses for approx. 100 staff members.

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CHALLENGE: Publishing company had a very complex, long running & fragile SSIS process that frequently broke when edited.

  • Investigated 300+ event process, including tasks buried up to 8 levels deep.

  • Documented matrix to identify task dependencies.

  • Wrote 70+ page technical specification defining each task process/function.

  • Wrote 20+ page recommendation document for task/process/pipeline improvements, including addressing weak points, bottlenecks, redundancies and inefficiencies.

SUCCESS: Reduced JDE to SQL SSIS ETL process from over 1/3 of a day to about 2 hours.  Improved client team insight into event process & reduced change fragility with detailed documentation & process education in just 2 weeks.

CHALLENGE: Child company software products’ help desk required relocation from Pennsylvania to new parent company HQ in Iowa without any downtime to 24/7 customers.

  • Developed merger procedures & led transition process.

  • Established new hardware/software maintenance agreements to provide seamless customer support & new software product releases.

  • Engineered modern quality assurance procedures & documentation for hardware/software products.

  • Revised existing help desk procedures incorporating precise call escalation.

SUCCESS: Customers received prompt & knowledgeable solutions when placing calls to the technical support hotline during the assimilation.  The team was commended by customers for quality problem resolution efficiency.

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CHALLENGE: Construction company’s JDE/Reports Now reports ran up to 8 hours overnight to provide BI to subsidiaries and & child companies.

  • Replicated real time JDE data to SQL Server via Attunity.

  • Designed & dimensional modeled new ERDW.

  • Data mapped & ETL programmed data to the ERDW.

  • Created/maintained one point of update SQL table to store data rules.

  • Wrote SQL stored procedures to pull transactional data & call/handle application of data rules for report presentation.

  • Developed financial statement SSRS reports down to the pixel.

SUCCESS: Management received financial BI in less than 1 minute SSRS returns.  JDE data changes were reflected & available to report in SSRS within 5 minutes. Business decisioning improved 100+%.

CHALLENGE: IT department struggled chaotically with a high volume of employee calls due to new nationwide LAN/WAN rollouts.

  • Evaluated situation & proposed comprehensive problem logging system.

  • Identified user training needs & instructed software/hardware training sessions.

  • Utilized communication & technical skills to conceptualize & implement call center database & establish call escalation procedures.

SUCCESS: A central, nationwide call center servicing internal customers, from headquarters to branch offices, & structuring problem resolution, increasing employee job & IT department efficiency.  The IT department received an award for this project’s successful completion.

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CHALLENGE: Software products division needed relocation to meet the growing needs of the new software products’ release​.

  • Planned new site structure to promote employee communication & a team environment.

  • Designed facility to maximize customer’s training needs & redefine corporate image.

  • Established employee training program to effectively support new product.

SUCCESS: New high tech facility exceeded company/customer expectations under budget. Increased division morale & team communication resulted in exceptional customer & new product focus.

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