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Agile Coaching and Consulting

Fox Consulting is excited to announce our strategic partnership with McIntosh Consulting! This woman owned #agile consulting company empowers managers for success by elevating communication, amplifying efficiency and exceeding delivery. McIntosh Consulting harnesses agile and lean processes and all the foundational work needed to make that succeed, including communication strategies, clear goals, and nurturing psychological safety. As a result, they craft an environment where teams not only communicate seamlessly and eradicate roadblocks but also refine systems for navigating complexities and seizing new opportunities with unwavering confidence.

"I am elated to partner with Susan McIntosh on data projects with clients," shares Fox Consulting President and Founder Cher Fox. "Susan and I partnered at an international construction client as they began to embrace agile practices," continues Fox. "Following agile processes to the letter delivered on time projects every time. Susan nurtures high performance teams supporting innovation to flourish, and success isn't just a milestone - it's the norm. She understands the challenges of data projects and transforms those into stepping stones to greatness. Don't undergo your next data project without agile coaching!"

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