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Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference (RMISC) 2024 Recap

Updated: Jun 18

WOW! Another AMAZING week in downtown Denver! This was my 2nd time attending the Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference (RMISC) as well as I was selected to speak in the Soft Skills/Career Enhancement track. This conference is a Who's Who in Cyber and Security of celebrities and I was truly honored to be included in their midst as a fellow speaker.

So how did my session go?

My room Thursday was ON FIRE all day! To follow Mike Pedrick and Gina Yacone was a tall order (2 of my favorite people in cyber AND thank you to Gina for Tuesday night's happy hour!) And I had the honor of warming up the room after lunch for the following session with Brad Rager. My room was full of security enthusiasts who were trying to figure out how to harness all the FREE features of Linked In (I don't talk about Premium or Sales Navigator in my presentation). I've shared this presentation twice before this year (and it's been selected for West Slope Startup Week in August) so I know it has value to deliver. I took a much different approach to this talk from my talk at DGIQ, more personal stories and less note reading. And guess what? I ran over in time! 🤦So... I have some balance to find with my presentations as I continue to share them this year.

I'd like to thank everyone that attended the session, and connected with me as well as their fellow session attendees...YOU ROCK! I also have to thank Brad Rager and Karen Goodman for grabbing some photos of me speaking, it is so appreciated! And thanks to Paul Herbka, CISSP, MBA and Gabriel Sanchez for giving me real constructive feedback on the overall presentation. I am looking forward to implementing their changes for WSSW!

I spent most of Wednesday with my good friend Wing-Yen Leung and she introduced me to Quintana Patterson and Gaelle Koanda, CISA,PMP,Security Plus, Network plus. This photo is such a beautiful representation of #diversity at the event!

After lunch on Wednesday, I had the pleasure of catching the panel discussion of How is AI Impacting Privacy? with Jill Stacey, Sloane Dreyer, Elizabeth Schweyen - CIPP/E, CIPP/US  and Carlin Dornbusch, CISSP. They shared a variety of insightful privacy views and challenges from legal to practitioner as well as slightly different definitions of A.I.

I also caught Jacob Rubin, Ph.D., MISM's presentation on Protecting AI From People & Protecting People From AI. His presentation gave us a myriad of acronym definitions for A.I.:

  • Automated Insights

  • Adoption Impact

  • Assessing Implications

  • Agenda Items

  • Addressing Insecurities

  • Anomalous Inputs

  • Adversarial Intrusion

  • Affective Influence

  • Applied Integrity

  • Adherence Imperative

  • Accountable Integrity

  • Assurance Implementation

  • Avoiding Incidents

  • Advancing Innovation

  • Action Items

  • Accelerated Initiatives

  • Advanced Implementations

  • Actual Interactions

Jessica Barker MBE PhD's end of day keynote shared how "the right phish at the wrong time will catch anyone".

Wednesday evening, I spent a moment with my favorite cyber vendor, Nuspire at the Rhein Haus Denver. Maria Graham is another one of my favorite people in cyber and she is an amazing hostess. And Nuspire wins my award for best t-shirt of the conference!

Carlos Guerrero of 360 Advanced was a great cohost, it was so nice to meet him and learn more about 360. I also got to hang out with Bob McNeil, Gabriel Sanchez, Shannon Huffman and Josh Paterson over brats and beers.

I fan-girled out finally meeting O.G. Cyberqueens Amber DeVilbiss and Erika Eakins. Amber has such an amazing story and Erika and I share the love of weight lifting. They are both such inspiring Women in Tech! Teach Kids Tech is my runner up award for best conference t-shirt!

The final keynote of the conference was Sean Swarner. His story in BEYOND inspiring and you can catch his documentary TRUE NORTH on YouTube HERE.

See you next year!

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