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Josh Paterson
Executive Advisor

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Active in investment, development & syndication, Josh has been a principal or senior executive responsible for over $100 million in real estate transactions. As President of multiple real estate-related companies, he was responsible for all aspects of business operations & development, including partnerships, legal, human resources, budgeting, capital raising, finance, tax, marketing, sales, asset management, investor relations, & quarterly reporting to the Board of Directors.  Josh has also served as a consultant & software architect for a number of companies across the US where he is a proven leader with the ability to build & mentor highly motivated & productive teams.

Josh has held the corporate positions of President for a real estate brokerage, a property management firm, a construction & development company, & an executive office leasing firm.  He has also held the position of Software Development Manager for a global heavy civil engineering company.

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Josh Paterson
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The products that spawned from Josh's research & development efforts culminated in a Fortune 500 “CEO Innovation Award”, the 2003 InfoWorld 100 Honors, Computer World’s “Best In Class” award & Information Week’s #2 ranking for “Innovative Technology Practices” in the energy sector.  At a $4 Billion energy company, he helped implement & manage $111 million in applications designed for the Operational Engineering Services group which were estimated at achieving over a 400% return on investment. In addition, Josh has also been noted & published in Enterprise Architect magazine.

From 2011 to 2020, Josh built & managed a 12-person software development team that focused on developing business intelligence solutions for a global road construction company. The software that he & his team developed helped them move from an archaic, paper-based company to all digital financial & operational reporting. This was a time of unprecedented growth for this company, & Josh played a key leadership role in growing the IT/IS staff which evolved from a team of seven to over eighty employees upon his exit. 

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