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Solving the Data Puzzle

Join us live and interactive for a one off special with our host Simon Linstead focusing on Solving The Data Puzzle with industry leading guest Cher Fox (The Datanista), CDMP.

A bit about todays guest.

Cher's a true data geek that's been solving the data puzzle for over 35 years. As the President and Founder of Fox Consulting, she advises organizations to proactively define and optimize their processes, and enhance quality standards, to resolve their most painful data insight issues. 

Her decades of deep practitioner experience, in data, analytics, and business intelligence, specializes in crafting and executing secure strategic roadmaps for global companies dealing with complex financial analytics and data solutions. Additionally, Cher guides senior leaders on confidently leveraging their existing software assets to overcome their technology challenges, facilitating better experiences in making data-driven business decisions while also resulting in significant time and money savings on maintenance and support. 

She is recognized internationally, having spoken at 24 conferences, and is known for championing process excellence and risk mitigation, and empowering organizations to embrace change while unlocking the full potential of their data assets.

In today’s show we will be bringing together the worlds of data and cybersecurity, learning about Cher’s journey and the intersection of the two industries.

As always we will be taking questions LIVE from our audience so make sure you tune in learn from and engage with todays guest.

WHEN: Thursday, April 25, 11:30 AM MDT

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