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Strategic Decision-Making: CEO's Guide to Optimal Information Security

In case you missed my EC-Council talk last week, the 𝐑𝐄𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘 is now available on YouTube HERE.  I learned so much putting this presentation together and I am grateful to EC-Council for giving me the opportunity and stage to share these valuable insights. I also need to thank Fox Consulting's Chief Advisor, Frank O'Connor, for his collaboration and review on this presentation.

While it was mildly entertaining at 33 minutes when my early morning brain disconnected after so I'd delivered so much information, in my opinion, the Q&A at the end was the most valuable. Many questions were asked about communication, especially communicating upwards. Organizations are experiencing a severe disconnect between the executive level and the employees on the front line. Employees still don't feel heard or valued. I will be updating the presentation for future talks to include more strategies to support executives and the front lines truly connecting.

If you have any questions about this talk or need more information, please do reach out. I welcome feedback and additional insights I may not have included.

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