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Cracking the Code to Data Engineering: Insights from the Female Perspective

Join us for an exciting virtual panel event on the world of data engineering from a female perspective, where we delve into the topics of career trajectories, challenges, and triumphs. Featuring three diverse speakers, including Kanmani Thomas Xavier, a seasoned Senior Data Engineer with a Master's in Data Science and Data Engineering, Laura Lundell, whose inspiring journey from elementary school teaching to data analytics and engineering sheds light on diverse pathways into the field, and Cher Fox, a trailblazer with over 35 years of experience in data and founder of her own consulting company. 

Our engaging discussion will explore the intricacies of getting started in data engineering, navigating industry landscapes, overcoming barriers, and fostering diversity and inclusion. Don't miss out on an enlightening exchange of insights and experiences that promise to ignite your passion and curiosity in the fascinating world of data engineering. 

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